An inspiring journey into epilepsy awareness and taking control of your own health issues


Being diagnosed with epilepsy at a young age can be a difficult and confusing time, which is sometimes made worse by a lack of appropriate and easy-to-understand medical information.

In partnership with global health education company Jumo, Epilepsy Action Australia are proud to bring to you a new digital comic book Understanding Epilepsy based on the experiences of a real-life family. It tells the story of boy with epilepsy called Jonty who meets numerous superheroes as they take him on an adventure through the human body to learn all about what’s happening to his body.


EpiDiary is a personal online diary app that will help you keep an accurate record of your seizures, triggers, sleep, medications and any other information of relevance. Adapted for the Australian community, it is easy to access and use.

Click below to start tracking your seizures and the triggers that are contributing to them.

“Your beautifully dictated tale of life with epilepsy has something for everyone. So human, at times hilarious and sometimes a little sad it’s studded with nuggets of gold.”

Jodi Morrison