An inspiring journey into epilepsy awareness and taking control of your own health issues

Recently I was interviewed by a well known comedian on the Melbourne stages Ms Justine Sless. I have been doing one open mic night set a week to try and hone my comedic talent and I met her at one of these. Thought her style of comedy was brilliant so I hunted her down after the gig and introduced myself.

On top of other funny things, Justine does a one hour radio show called ‘Kvetch with Sless’ every Friday and when I said I’d come along to talk with her, she knew nothing about the Epilepsy part of my life, she just thought I’d come in and have a good yarn about my interest in comedy. It was a few days later when I mentioned that the reason I started comedy was to get the confidence up to one day perform in front of people and bring good humour and some fun into Epilepsy Awareness in the hope that through comedy, the stigma and fear around seeing someone have a seizure starts to get eliminated.

She was a great interviewer and knew the right things to ask which made the story sound even better about what I’m actually trying to achieve through Electro Girl.

At this stage, until my autobiography is published, I am holding back on the Epilepsy Comedy set and just focusing on seeing how well I can make people laugh just talking about the simple stuff.

Below is the podcast, I highly recommend it because you’ll get to hear my sexy voice!