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Epilepsy has a stigma associated to it which creates isolation and fear  but it doesn’t have to be this way. It’s time people knew more about the brain and how we have more control over it than we are allowed to believe.

Healing is about choices. Becoming healthy is not just about popping pills and getting check ups from a doctor. It is about the choices you yourself make to manage your symptoms off ill-health. Through her story ELECTRO GIRL, Lainie endeavours to empower people to manage their conditions holistically and not to accept that there is only one road to health. Any condition can be managed, it’s all an experiment so why not be in the driver’s seat of the experiment instead of being a passenger. We have one life, go deep inside and learn more about your body and brain in order to make it count!


Dust of your neurons, polish up your synapses and come aboard The Brain Train.

This website will give you access across a number of avenues to learn about our beloved brains. What is it, how does it work, what affects it, do you really lose brain cells from drinking, is a relationship with the wrong person making your brain older, will eating the wrong foods lead to disease and so much more


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What audiences are saying about Electro Girl

I wanted to thank you so very much for sharing your epilepsy story and making people aware of what is needed when someone is having a fit. This last week two of my clients have had fits and I’ve been able to manage it calmly and safely. This is because of you. Thank you so much beautiful.

Client had a seizure and I knew what to do

ELECTRO GIRL is a great read. I’ve always been baffled by stigmatisation of people diagnosed with epilepsy, and still am. Lainie’s book reveals the intimate thoughts of one who lives with brain electricity farts and how she, and others I guess, feel about this condition. I learned a lot about the spectrum of the diagnosis, triggers and how to be helpful if needed. Well done Electro Girl.

I learned a lot