An inspiring journey into epilepsy awareness and taking control of your own health issues

With the success of my autobiography called ‘Electro Girl’ and all the great feedback I received from people who could really relate to the topics in there, I decided to turn the book into a play in order to make it more accessible so people could hear the tales from the mouth of my brain directly. The mouth of your brain? What???

The show features NORA – My cheeky, sassy puppet brain – who lights up neurologically and steals the show by taking me to task publicly about my questionable life choices – cheap alcohol, drugs, lack of sleep and dysfunctional relationships –aka my seizure triggers.

Electro Girl is part show, part stand-up routine. It’s a funny and confronting tale, challenging how the medical fraternity manages epilepsy and shines an electrical spotlight on alternative treatment options including taking personal responsibility for our choices in life which inevitably have an impact on our health issues.

“This show is more than just a performance, but a great educative experience.” Gabi Bergman

It gives all of us the chance to ponder epilepsy and come to grips with just how normal it can be. There were moments anyone can relate to, balanced with moments of extraordinary accomplishment in the face of an unfair diagnosis.” Max Davine, Good Vibes Melbourne

Electro Girl will be touring around the Fringe festivals starting with the Melbourne Fringe, then Perth, Adelaide and hopefully Edinburgh (squuuuueal)


Dates: 17th – 22nd September


In Love, Light and Electricity


“Your beautifully dictated tale of life with epilepsy has something for everyone. So human, at times hilarious and sometimes a little sad it’s studded with nuggets of gold.”

Jodi Morrison