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Epilepsy has a stigma associated to it which creates isolation and fear  but it doesn’t have to be this way. It’s time people knew more about the brain and how we have more control over it than we are allowed to believe.

Healing is about choices. Becoming healthy is not just about popping pills and getting check ups from a doctor. It is about the choices you yourself make to manage your symptoms off ill-health. Through her story ELECTRO GIRL, Lainie endeavours to empower people to manage their conditions holistically and not to accept that there is only one road to health. Any condition can be managed, it’s all an experiment so why not be in the driver’s seat of the experiment instead of being a passenger. We have one life, go deep inside and learn more about your body and brain in order to make it count!

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When I first showed symptoms of having an electrically compromised brain, before I even knew it was compromised or even heard of the word Epilepsy, I was living with a personality that never wanted to miss out on ANYTHING. If there was ever anything going on socially,...

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The Power of Choice

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What readers are saying about Electro Girl

“In this book, Lainie has shared her very personal and moving journey through the experience of epilepsy. It is a story that speaks to the precarious balancing act between a traditional medical system and various ‘alternative medicine’ approaches. From before diagnosis, through the turmoil of various traumatic interventions and onwards to personal acceptance and recovery.

This is a journey that holds interest for anyone struggling with any diagnosis and wanting to find their own path to wellness.”

Andi Herman

“I couldn’t put this book down! It is filled with educational material about epilepsy and life in general, presented in the form of Lainie’s incredibly colourful life story. Lainie’s writing is hilarious and filled with raw emotion and I laughed and cried my way through the pages. This is a true story and Lainie’s strength and determination is outstanding and admirable. I am in awe – a must read!”

Sharon Burstin

“It is so refreshing and inspirational to read such an honest and heartfelt account of what life is like for someone living with epilepsy. As a nurse I appreciate having an inside look into something I’ve really only seen on the surface in the clinical setting. Lainie tells her story with a side of humour which make for an entertaining read, but also maintains its effective and informative tone. It’s beautiful to see how this amazing woman has transformed through her experiences.. A great read, I read from cover to cover and couldn’t put it down!”

Anon -